Hello, Oppositelock. I used to follow the Jez-Oppo #Groupthink car threads, Way Back When. I miss 'em. But I have an unrelated question... Someone in a writers' group I belong to (don't judge) sent out this query about what swoon-worthy vintage French car she should give a character in her mss, and I thought y'all would have the answer:

She wrote, "One of the characters in my novel owns a red sports car, and a critique partner suggested that I make it more specific than that. He bought the car with some money he inherited, so it's sort of his dream car, but we're not talking fantastically wealthy here, just someone who is fairly well off. He is a native of Paris and that's where he lives, so it would probably be a European make. If those among you who are more knowledgeable can suggest some possible makes/models, I would appreciate it."


So far, the responses on the writers' group email list have been...less than informed. (Cough cough mentions of Citroen cough.) Any takers here? If so, many thanks.

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